Our Interdisciplinary Approach

The cornerstone of our service is the interdisciplinary approach we utilize in providing care to our patients. Each patient is evaluated and cared for by a team of health care professionals using an individual care plan.


Medical Staff

Our highly trained and qualified professional medical staff is composed of physicians who are Board Certified in the primary care specialties of Family Practice, Pediatrics, and OB/GYN. Assisting the physicians are certified physician assistants, certified nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and family practice residents who combine to provide the highest level of medical care available.



Well-trained, licensed, dental care professionals provide quality preventive and emergency dental health care services at the Centers indicated below. Please note, dental services provided are limited to children ages 0-18.



Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses work with Medical Assistants using state of the art health care equipment and treatment programs to provide patients with progressive therapeutic care.


A Quality Commitment

At FCHC, we adhere to a corporate-wide Quality Improvement Program to ensure that our commitment to our patients and families are upheld.

Regularly scheduled evaluations are conducted by the Senior Management Team to continually improve our standard of care. The Team identifies areas for improvement, develops solutions, and works with staff to implement the solutions.

We monitor patient satisfaction closely through surveys, providing ongoing feedback to our Center staff.


Sliding Fee Discount Program 

Policy: A Sliding Fee Discount Program will be provided to eligible persons based on the patient’s ability to pay, however no patient is denied services based on their inability to pay. Ability to pay is determined by the household size and annual income relative to a discount schedule based on federal poverty income guidelines.

Eligibility: All patients are eligible to apply for the sliding fee program.  Determination of the discount, if any, is dependent upon household income and household size in comparison to the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The discount may also apply to patient balances, such as deductibles and copays, after Insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid have processed the claim.