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Giving and Donating to Florida Community Health Centers, Inc.

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In the United States alone, there are over one million non-profit organizations that operate all over the entire world. Of these many nonprofits in the United States, many of them struggle to thrive and be successful with their goals. Without cash or funding, a non-profit will not be able to provide the programs or services that the non-profit was designed to provide. Why give or why donate to us? Charity and donating works for the greater good of the society. Donations help keep our mission alive – To provide accessible, cost-effective, high-quality, comprehensive health care to all persons in our communities. We are often told not to expect anything in return when we show kindness to people. Charity is helping people even when you know they do not have the capacity to repay. Humanity is connected in more ways than we can imagine. Donate today to support our mission of continued access to medical and dental services. Thank you