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Health Benefit Coordination – How Navigators Help!

Health Benefit Coordinators (HBCs) are included in team-based care and perform the following:

FCHC Outreach & Enrollment

  • Enroll in Medicaid benefits
  • Enroll in Food Stamp benefits
  • Enroll in Kidcare benefits
  • Enroll in Market Place benefits
  • Enroll in Prescription Drug Assistant
  • Join health fairs that are targeting these communities
  • Provide mobile services that include primary care, Covid vaccinations and rapid HIV testing
  • Conduct health screenings for blood pressure and glucose
  • Join Health Education seminars to present and help provide education on different health needs i.e. vaccine hesitancy and healthy sexual education

HBCs also –

  • Assists patients with completing applications for state and federal programs (including Health Exchange/Marketplace programs, food stamp and prescription drug assistance programs), reviewing medical records and taking all necessary action to expedite benefit approval.
  • Assists patients by monitoring and fostering ongoing communications with government agencies regarding the status of applications.
  • Engages with patients by effectively educating and answering inquiries from patients and family representatives regarding application process.
  • Connects with patients in a community health center or hospital setting and/or home visits to assist the patients in obtaining maximum benefit coverage.
  • Assists callers in resolving account issues by identifying and taking appropriate actions including completing required forms to support application process.
  • Assists patients with scheduling appointments and reminding of appointments, as needed.
  • Research and provide assistance to connect the public to address needs with eviction, utility, transportation, clothing, undocumented children, migrant worker and immigrant education (language, citizenship, health education, head start, etc.)