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Ulecia D. Boldin, PharmD, CPH

Ulecia, a proud alumna of Florida A&M University hailing from Pahokee, Florida, who brings her unique background and vibrant personality to the FCHC family. As the youngest of ten siblings, she learned the value of community and connection from an early age.

Ulecia is not just a graduate but a passionate traveler, an avid angler, and a vocal enthusiast who can belt out tunes with finesse. Her love for exploration, the great outdoors, and music resonates with her multifaceted character.

In addition to her personal interests, Ulecia is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, where she dedicates her time and efforts to serving the communities within Palm Beach County. Her commitment to community betterment aligns perfectly with the values and mission of FCHC.