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Siliva Bosso headshot

Silvia Bosso, RPh-Pharmacy Manager

Silvia Medina Sosso, Registered Pharmacist, has been with FCHC since 2016. She entered her current role as Pharmacy Manager in 2020. A graduate of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, she is bilingual and has over 30 years of community pharmacy experience. She has been a member of the Florida Pharmacy Association for over 30 years

Silvia started as a pharmacy manager in a busy community pharmacy at Humana in 1985. Being fluent in Spanish and English, she enjoyed talking to every patient and interacting with all the providers. Sylvia was their dispenser, checker, and counselor regarding medications. From there, she went to another community practice at Kmart, where she became an immunizer and continued to care for patients directly: advising, dispensing, and counseling.

At FCHC, she can continue her passion for working with patients and providers. She says the best part of working at FCHC is the patients, employees, and working in a professional environment. Sylvia received a Certificate of Appreciation Award from FCHC for her five years of dedication and commitment to patients. Silvia also was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for her five, ten, and 15 years at Humana. Her interests are spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys traveling, swimming, bike riding, and going for long walks.