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Isabel Ferreira, MD, Pediatrician

Dr. Isabel Ferreira, MD, FAAP, is a Pediatrician certified by the board and a distinguished member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Her journey in medicine began at the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, where she graduated from medical school. During her educational tenure, she demonstrated her passion for teaching by serving as a teacher aide in Physiology. Her dedication and expertise were quickly recognized, leading to her promotion to assistant professor upon graduation. 

She further honed her skills through a rigorous pediatric residency program at Caguas Regional Hospital, where she gained invaluable experience in pediatric care. Seeking new challenges and opportunities, Dr. Ferreira ventured to Boston, where she dedicated several years to serving communities in various clinics, contributing significantly to pediatric healthcare. 

Driven by her commitment to excellence and a deep love for children, she eventually settled in Miami, FL, where she established her own thriving pediatric practice. Dr. Ferreira is a trusted partner to countless families, providing compassionate care and guidance in the growth and development of their children. Her genuine passion for pediatric medicine shines through in every interaction, making her a cherished healthcare professional in her community.