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Carine Auguste, APRN

Carine Auguste, DNP, APRN, FNP, contributes over 25 years of dedicated healthcare experience to Florida Community Health Centers Inc. (FCHC). She began her healthcare journey as a registered nurse and progressed into leadership roles, including 17 years as a nurse manager and 6 years as a nurse supervisor. Her career path led her to the VA hospital, where she served as a Unit Facilitator before pursuing her Doctorate in Nursing Practice to deepen her impact and knowledge in patient care.

At FCHC, Carine finds great fulfillment in serving a diverse range of patients, recognizing each encounter as an opportunity for significant impact. She believes in the importance of every patient’s story and is committed to being a servant leader and agent of change in her approach to care.

Carine is passionate about delivering high-quality service at an affordable cost, ensuring that every patient feels valued and supported. Her focus is on providing the best care without creating financial burdens for patients because their well-being is always a priority at FCHC.

Beyond her professional work, Carine enjoys reading, relaxing at the beach, and exploring new travel destinations. Her extensive experience in both private and public healthcare sectors, combined with her dedication to patient-centered care, makes her a valuable addition to the FCHC team.