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Ana Hernandez, APRN

Ana Hernandez, APRN is a family nurse practitioner. She graduated from the University of Havana, Cuba as Doctor in Medicine and as a Family Doctor Specialist. She also has a background in psychiatry. With 31 years of experience as Doctor in Medicine that includes six years working as Family Doctor, 12 years as Psychiatrist and seven years as Family Nurse Practitioner, she enjoys working at FCHC and improving cultural competency. It has afforded the opportunity to meet wonderful people that have become her work family. Working at the FCHC Clewiston Health Center provides the opportunity of working with such wonderful patients. This area is very rich in different cultures. This has allowed Ana to learn a lot about Latinoamerica and about the United States of America.

Ana believes that FCHC has the best and fair prices for consultation of patients and accepts many health insurances. The staff speak fluent Spanish and English, and FCHC also has a very good doctor that speaks French and Creole. She advocates that FCHC has the best Pharmacy in the area, with the best prices; and above all, a very efficient and kind staff. Ana’s personal interests include reading, traveling, and passing time with her four-legged babies( doggies)! She enjoys spending time with family: daughter, granddaughter, grandson, son in law, mom, and grandma are the most important people in her life.

Ana Hernandez references this quote:
“If we exert ourselves with determination, no obstacle can stop our progress.” Dr. B. C. Roy”