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What kind of personal information do we collect and how do we obtain it?
The personal information we obtain depends on the type of services you are accessing. Generally, the information includes: name, address; phone number; individual/household occupants’ social security numbers; date of birth; age; sex; sexual orientation; gender identity; occupation; salary and employment information; financial information; health habits; medical information both past and present; general health history to include family history, previous care and treatment issues; billing preferences; parental and guardianship information; picture identification; drivers license number; and other information necessary to provide you the best care possible. 

Most of this information is provided by you, but we also 
collect personal information about you from several other sources, depending on the nature of your care. 

We obtain personal information about 
you from the following sources:  

Information you provide us, or an affiliate, on the patient information or financial assessment form, or on any other informational forms you may have completed;  

Information you provide us, or an affiliate, about transactions with other entities;

Information your physician or other health care practitioners provide FCHC; or 

Information received from other sources
What should I bring to my appointment?
  • Valid Identification
  • Proof of address
  • Insurance, Medicaid or Medicare card
  • Records from other doctors and or hospitals
  • All medications you take
  • Results of prior labs, x-ray and special procedures
  • A list of any health concerns you may have