Board of Directors


Members of FCHC’s Board of Directors either reside or work in our service areas. As required by the Bureau of Primary Health Care, 51% of our members are consumers of services provided at the health centers. Therefore, our Board has first-hand knowledge and experience in regard to the level of care provided.  Many of the Board Members are involved with and are members of community service organizations and serve on local and state boards and advisory committees: one is an elected County Commissioner; others are business people and key leaders in their communities and throughout the State of Florida. The Board Members meet monthly and operate under a committee and structure, e.g. finance, personnel, quality improvement, executive, etc. and is active in the business affairs of the organization.

Board Members regularly attend training conferences through the Florida and National Associations of Community Health Centers. In addition, annual training sessions are held in the form of a retreat each June where specific Board identified training is conducted.  It is during this retreat that the Board meets all Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC) expectations and is in compliance with the laws and regulations set forth.  This is inclusive of hiring and evaluating the Chief Executive Officer, adopting policies and procedures, approving the annual budget and schedule of hours in which the organization operates. 

 Janet Taylor

  Status: Chair
  Representing Hendry County

 Victor Hart

  Status: Vice-Chair
  Representing St. Lucie County

 Mary Nelson

  Status: Secretary
  Representing Indiantown

 Brian Rucks

  Status: Treasurer
  Representing Martin County


 Karen Cotton

  Status: Immediate Past-Chair
  Representing Okeechobee County

 Sandra Chamblee

  Status: Director
  Representing the Glades


 Cortney Crews

   Status: Director
   Representing Okeechobee County



 Rev. Kenneth Mills, Sr.

   Status: Director
   Representing St. Lucie County


 Ernesto Urbina

   Status: Director
   Representing Okeechobee County

 Diane Walker

   Status: Director
   Representing Pahokee