Corona Virus


Use it well.

This November, there are many issues on the ballot that will affect Community Health Centers and our patients. It is important for health center advocates to consider these issues when casting your vote:

Federal Policies and Funding

  • The House and Senate have only passed short-term funding for Community Health Centers leaving these essential small businesses with the inability to plan for the long-term. With COVID-19 cases rising again and increased numbers of unemployed and uninsured people, Community Health Centers need long-term, stable funding.
  • The Supreme Court will soon hear arguments on Texas v. Azar which challenges the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Remember…Medicaid expansion, which has increased the number of people for whom health centers can provide care, as well as other important policies, could be struck down.
  • The future of our 340B program is at risk and, without action, how will we secure the funding shortfall if the 340B savings are taken away from us?

State Medicaid:

  • Half of all health center patients use Medicaid. When states cut Medicaid, during economic downturns, it has a direct impact on our patients and our health centers’ ability to deliver care. State policymakers must protect state Medicaid programs from cuts and work to expand access to care during this pandemic. Medicaid is the first and last resort for primary care, vaccinations, wellness visits, maternal health, and dental services for many of our neighbors.

State & Local Leaders Who Protect FQHCs:

  • Additional health center-related issues that are decided by state and local leaders include:
    • Protecting health center payment provisions that keep our doors open;
    • Improved access to telehealth services for health center patients; and,
    • Preserving and enforcing the many provisions of the Affordable Care Act that ensure access to quality, affordable health care.

Source: Health Center Advocacy Network