Featured front and centered

Featured front and centered – LaSophia King, FCHC Center Administrator, and clinical support staff

inside 2019

FCHC’s Pahokee Breast Cancer Hall of Hope is meant to be an inspiration to those that are battling cancer. It is meant to strengthen and encourage them to let them know that they are not fighting alone and they have those that have gone on standing and cheering them on to fight every day. This wall also reminds us to pray daily for those that are in the fight to keep fighting and not to lose faith. We have added the pictures to remind them that they are beautiful and loved.

We also want to let all our community know that we at FCHC support them from the initial diagnosis until they WIN because we are in this together. Supported by, LaSophia King, FCHC Center Administrator

FCHC has created a “one-stop shop” for patients providing Pediatric, Adult, dental, OB/GYN, Infectious Disease, Behavioral health, Pharmacy, Care Management and Health Benefits Coordination services.