Its time again to welcome National Health Center Week (NHCW) and to celebrate the important elements of our wonderful health centers around America!

This year, we are channeling our focus on the primary reason of WHY we do what we do – which is to make our communities healthier. We’re shining a light on the outcomes of the work that we all do and we’re giving ourselves a pat on the back!

As a company, our goal is to provide healthcare access points for the isolated and underserved communities of Florida and because we service at least 49,000 individual patients on average annually, it is safe to say that FCHC is making fantastic strides to remain impactful within these communities.  

Leadership at FCHC has sponsored multiple new approaches to better serve our patients and the response has been remarkable! The positive trends that are being noticed by-way of the quality metrics prove and support FCHC’s refined mission, vision and value statements.  Our patients have more convenience and consistency with our new innovative service options that are now made available to them. We are offering services like new access point sites, telemedicine encounters and the 340B pharmacy program that saves our patients loads of time and money! FCHC is aiming to be the model One- Stop- Shop for FQHCs and we are making those plans manifest for the sake of making our communities healthier.

During NHCW 2019 we at FCHC are dedicated to making all patient and staff experiences pleasurable and of high-quality, so we have suggested a fun-spirited week filled with engaging activities for the community and staff members to enjoy:

Let us all get ready for National Health Center Week 2019!