Celebrating our Nurses during National Nurses Week- A Message from Our CMO

I just wanted to take a few minutes to recognize a group of people who have dedicated their lives to helping others, Nurses. Nurses are smart, amazing, individuals, who make patients feel safe, at ease, and console them in times of distress. They are calm under pressure, highly organized, versatile professionals who are not afraid to get their hands dirty (and sometimes get them dirty with nasty stuff). Nurses play an integral part in the health care system and the system would not survive without them. I have worked with many healthcare professionals in my career, and can honestly say that the ones I have been the most thankful for, that have made my work life easier to manage, and have saved my rear the most, are nurses. I have, and will continue to learn so much from the nurses I have had the pleasure to work with. The wonderful thing about the Nursing profession is that it covers a vast array of disciplines, and has evolved over time. In more recent decades, the options and opportunities for nurses have expanded and many are pursuing degrees as Nurse Practitioners or other forms of Advanced Nursing Practices.   FCHC is blessed to have nurses (in different roles) on staff who work extremely hard to make sure our patients are properly taken care of. Our FCHC nurses are educators, professionals, confidants, doctors, counselors, friends, colleagues, and caring souls. They share in our successes and our pain, they laugh with us and they cry with us, they can keep a secret but at the same time fight for what’s right, and we at FCHC are honored to have you all in the family. To all of our nurses, THANK YOU for everything you do. We could not be successful without you, and the communities we serve would be worse off without you. This week, and every week, we honor you and appreciate all the hard work you put in, HAVE A VERY  HAPPY AND BLESSED NATIONAL NURSES WEEK.