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Purchasing & Logistics Administrator


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Role and Responsibilities

· Obtains a thorough understanding of the organization’s procurement and contracting policies.

· Develops and maintains purchasing and logistics processes that promote patient and employee satisfaction, and complies with all organizational policies and stated objectives.

· Oversees all purchasing processes for stocked items (with an MRP evaluation as needed), non-stocked items, forms, capital equipment and services.

· Ensures the best possible prices, terms and quality of all items and services purchased.

· Leads the organizational ‘Clinical Equipment and Materials’ committee, ensuring only equipment and materials that have been properly vetted by clinical leadership are provisioned in health centers.

· Collaborates with the Corporate Finance Department to ensure all purchasing transactions are reflected in the general ledger and sub ledgers in a complete, accurate and timely manner.

· Manages organizational purchase orders, ensuring preferred terms and conditions are accepted by vendors, PO variances are monitored, and purchase orders are closed on a timely basis.

· Collects and maintains records of competitive pricing for all purchases, prepares RFPs, where appropriate and occasionally drafts memos that demonstrate sole-source procurement actions, when necessary.

· Performs a physical inventory observation and fixed asset verification audit not less than annually.

· Oversees the organization asset tagging system that includes maintenance over the asset tag register, performing annual asset verification audits, and communicating all fixed asset disposals with the Corporate Finance Department.

· Responsible for the most current forms being distributed to each center. Ensures forms used in the field are included in the master forms book. Maintain and update “FCHC Master Catalog of Stock Forms” to ensure that centers are receiving most current revisions and newly approved forms.

· Ensures procurement and related service contractual obligations are implemented, maintained and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

· Collaborate with the CIO on monitoring the cost and utilization of utilities including phones, local and long distance, electric, trash removal, etc.

· Collaborates with the CIO on the development of technical specifications related to information technology and systems or communications procurement actions

· Collaborates with the Facilities and Maintenance Administrator on the procurement of services related to addressing building repair and maintenance problems, as they arise.

· Completes all new program and major project purchases prior to stated implementation date(s), and communicates delays effectively.

· Collaborates with the CIO on the annual exclusion testing of vendors.

· Acts as the primary point of contact for vendor partners for service issues and escalations liaison.

· Acts as liaison between vendors and health center employees to trouble shoot issues, escalations, and provide general customer service assistance.

· Leads daily team meetings to address open tasks, issues and projects and ensure actions are being taken to ensure KPI’s are met.

· Ensures all stock items are reviewed and approved on an annual basis by the appropriate business leader (ex. Clinical leadership approves all medical supplies).

· Contributes to the Patient Experience ensuring delivery of acceptable quality goods and services on time.

· Maintains pricing for injectable formulary as changes occur and informs Patient Accounting of significant changes.

· Resolves disputes or complaints between requestor’s, purchasing, receiving, and vendors.

· Maintains schedule of equipment requiring preventative maintenance and coordinates with applicable departments to ensure service is performed and supporting documentation is retained.

· Records and manages actions in relation to supplier incidents.

· Leads quarterly supplier reviews and ensure corrective actions are implemented.

· Executes applicable Quality System processes.

· Complies with all federal procurement standards.

· Performs other duties as assigned.

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