According to the American Diabetes Association, 30.3 million Americans (9.4% of the population) had diabetes in 2015. Of the 30.3 million with diabetes, 23.1 million were diagnosed and 7.2 million were undiagnosed. If that’s not bad enough, it is also estimated that over 84 million Americans ages 18 and up are pre-diabetic.  

Did you know that it is possible to reverse Type II Diabetes (in many cases)? The majority of risk factors can be controlled by a lifestyle change. Healthy eating and exercise are two huge factors in creating that lifestyle change. Research shows that many people want to get their diabetes under control but they don’t know where to start. Are you one of the millions that need education on how to control your diabetes?

Lakeshore Medical Center has made it a high priority to help our patients aggressively attack this common but terrible disease. Our Clinicians along with our Care Management team work closely together to educate our patients on not only the need to change their diet, but also give them practical applications and education as to what to eat and how to prepare their food. This along with a moderate exercise program, meeting with our patients regularly, monitoring their progress in nutrition and medication intake, educating and following up on the use of the glucose monitor, and recognizing them when they are successful has helped with increasing our degree of success in this program.  

One of our latest patients came to us with an A1C of 10.1, after our team worked with him one on one for months, his A1C came down to 8.4. Not only did the numbers go down for this patient,   but the typical symptoms of diabetes such as blurred vision, numb/tingly feet, difficulty urinating have all subsided. Another patient brought their A1C down from 12.1 to 8.6. Not only did this patient drastically lower his A1C but also conquered his fear of being tested. This patient went from being a very NON-compliant patient for years to working closely with our staff and conquering this disease.